Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

We quote on each job individually due to the unique nature of the size of your image and the surface it is to be applied.

Where do i get my image from?

You may have a photo or design of your own. Or you can purchase one from a photo library such as Shutterstock, Ozimages or Gettyimages.

If your image is outside then a final protective lacquer is applied to help extend its lifespan.

What's digital Affresco?

It’s a special roll of  paper made by an internal TNT side and an external "release paper" side, with medium absorption capacity that can release the colours in surface.

Where do I get my image from?

The image must be a high resolution image, at least 300dpi. The best format is .EPS but we can change the image into the right format for you.

What about the digital painting size?

There’s no limit.

Even if the ordinary paper size comes with a width of 120cm, 150cm or less, we print your image in panels and join these together to obtain any size you desire.

How can you apply it?

The application is quite easy but very delicate.  The unique process uses a chemical transfer to transfer your chosen image onto any surface, including timber, stone, brickwork, concrete, plaster, glass, tiles, render or aluminium.

Multiple coats of the specialised eco-chemical are applied to the surface (the eco-chemical combination will be determined by what surface the image is to be transferred onto).

Before the last coat dries the printed image is positioned on the surface with a final coat application over the image.

Once dry the paper is removed and the image is impregnated onto your surface.  If the image is outdoors then a final layer of lacquer is applied to protect and prolong the image.

How does the painting come out?

The digital painting can be printed only with a professional plotter and special eco-inks.

Can the Digital Affresco image be applied to any surface?

There is no glue involved so any surface that can absorb the colour is adaptable.

Is Digital Affresco an adhesive?

No.  It’s  a trademark system that releases the colour onto the surface.

Are there any size limits?

No.  It will depend on the resolution of the image.

Can any image be reproduced?

Yes.  If the image needs to be enlarged then you need to have a high resolution image.  The only limit is the copyright.  

Are the products you use toxic?

We only use eco-chemical water based products.  

Can we use any coloured surface to be decorated?

Yes, but keep in mind this will effect the final image transfer.  The best surface is a white surface.

Do we need a flat surface only?

No, the beauty of this product is that it can go on any surface, rough or smooth, curved or flat!

Can we wash the image when it has been applied?

Yes, provided it has been protected with the right eco-chemical final layer.

How long does the image hold?

The image is permanent, inside images – all life long.

Can it be used externally?

Yes but it will need a final protective eco-chemical coat.

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